SFF-rated DVD 2010-2011 (EN)

SFF-rated 2010-2011 DVD full COVER

The green SFF-rated DVD 2006-2009 had a very warm response, so we could not stop there. Time for the Red one, which covers the 6th and 7th edition of SFF-rated ATHENS (2010-2011). This time the shorts are 18 and the double dvd lasts 3.5 hours.

Greek and English menus and subtitles are available in the dvd, for all films.

If you want to purchase a copy, you need to contact us at sffratedathens.cfo(at)gmail.com, and we will see what we can do for you.

Some info & teasers on each and everyone of the 18 shorts that make up the SFF-rated Αthens double DVD 2010-2011.

DISC 1 : SFF-rated ATHENS 2010

He’d Never Do That (Él Nunca Lo Haría),    Anartz Zuazua    Spain 2009 15′ .

El nunca lo haria 02

A film from the Basque Country that dares to say openly what we all may be whispering obliquely. Short Surpeme – Audience Award 2010.

Corporate, Valentina Bertuzzi Italy 2009 11′ .


If there is guidance for everything, what remains of human independence?

Standby, Jannis Walz, Germany 2007 4′.


We’d rather not think about it, but as Creators we may be so good that our creations will outlive us…

Τhe Icebox (La Glacière Rouge),   Michel Jr Tremblay,    Canada 2009 19′ .

La Glaciere Rouge_poker

Is there any difference between a child and a clone?

For Us, Christopher Smith, USA  2009 8′.


A charming fusion of Film Noire and Science Fiction.

Re-Wire,   David-James Fernandes,    Canada 2009 14′.


In order to face your fear, you first have to materialize it.

N.O.R.A. ,   Amy Engels,    Czech Republic 2007 9′.

N.O.R.A. SS_BRI_cam_030v3_0042 kopie

Not in front of the servants, dear! But tomorrow’s servants don’t get fired – they are launched to space.

Samaritan,    Douglas Boswell,    Belgium 2008 13′.

Samaritan 2 postkaart

When one person’s sacrifice saves many, arithmetic prevails over ethics.

The Chronoscope,    Andrew Legge,    Ireland 2009 20′.

Chronoscope 3

The lost invention of a forgotten scientist … besides, who cares to see what really happened in the past?

DISC 2 : SFF-rated ATHENS 2011

Dead On Time,    Andreas Lambropoulos & Kostas Skyftas,     Greece 2010 12′.

DEAD ON TIME Sequence 0154323

A couple’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Looking for help, they enter an abandoned building and fall in the hands of a gang. Bullets get fired – again, and again, and again… Short Supreme – Audience Award 2011.

All Men Are Called Robert (Tous Les Hommes S’ appellent Robert), March Henri-Boulier,    France 2010 6′ .

All Men Are Called Robert_pic4

A man frenzied, naked, barefoot, covered with dirt is running through a forest. Who is hunting him and why? Why don’t we see their faces? The truth was never so raw – and so dressed up. Βest Idea – Audience Award 2011.

Cloud Catcher (Lovec Oblakov),    Miha Knific,    Slovenia 2009 15′.

Lovec OblakovPress

The year is 2147: Iceland looks like Arizona. The seas have evaporated, the clouds have disappeared, water is the planet’s most valuable resource. Based on a comic by Tomaz Lavric.

Dance with the Devil (La Terrible Malédiction),    Stephane Papet,    Belgium 2010 11′

Terrible maledictionL1000556

When Lea’s car breaks down, she finds herself alone in the wilderness. There’s no signal on her mobile phone. She starts to walk and is soon attacked by a monster. Is there anything more horrible, or more amusing that can happen to her?

Cockpit: The Rule Of Engagement,    Jesse Griffith,    USA 2010 12′.

Cockpit The Rule of Engagement Earths Fate

In the year 2103 humankind is in war with the Tarceds, an alien race that can control human thoughts. In every human military base, supervisors check whether the Rules of Engagement are kept. Because if you face an alien up close, the game is lost.

Once Upon A Time On Earth,    Ian Hothersall,    Britain 2010 5′.

Once upon a time on earth_IanHothersall_8

A day from the life of a couple: they have a fight, vases break, rings are returned, doors are slammed, spaceships invade the planet, robots roam the streets and murder passers-by. Everyday events, really. Hothersall’s previous film, “The Omnicide 8000”, is included in our previous SFF-rated DVD 2006-2009.

The Shadow of Boniface (De Schaduw Van Bonifatius),    Thijs Schreuder,    Netherlands 2010 15′.

The Shadow of Boniface 02

In the very heart of western Europe, on the shores between the Netherlands and Denmark, the monk Gregorius follows the bishop Bonifatius who heads to Frisia in order to evangelize the pagans. They come face-to-face with Odin’s holy Oak Tree – and a conflict of epic proportions follows.

Timelarks,  John Edwards,    Britain 2010 15′.

Timelarks Future

Present time: 2209. Target-time: 2009. Today is a wretched world full of ruins and debris; Then is a heavenly world of green fields and affluence. A young man teaches a little girl how to steal objects from the past – as long as there are no living people around…

The Adjustable Cosmos,   Adam Duncan,    Australia 2010 21′.

the_adjustable_cosmos_t  NEW

In 1453 the Earth was flat and was situated at the center of the Universe. The Sun, the Moon and the Planets orbited around it – and, at the end of the outward journey, one would come to the Firmament, where the Stars were … firmly fixed. Three Europeans dare to make the journey – but they are not alone.

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