SFF-rated DVD 2012-2013(ENG)

DVD COVER 2012-13

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 Our 3d 2-disc DVD collection with 17 shorts covering festival editions 2012 and 2013.

The DVD has full English menus and all films have English subtitles, so it is to be enjoyed by an international crowd (the Greek crowd can enjoy also Greek menus and Greek subtitles, of course).

You can order your copy of  the dvd through paypal (post anywhere in the world ) – see the right column, or e-bay. Your one copy please, this is also a collectors’ item.

Some info & teasers on each and everyone of the 17 shorts that make up the SFF-rated Αthens  DVD 2012-2013.


DISC 1 : SFF-rated ATHENS 2012


La Lavadora (The Washing machine)  Ana Aurora Rodriguez & Andrea Correa  Spain 2011 12′


A young woman lives with her turtle. A young man moves in another apartment of her building. Suddenly, they realize that their washing machines have been transformed into a teleportation machine: what enters in the one comes out from the other. But they don’t know who exactly is on the other side…




Fase Terminal (Terminal Phase)  Marta Genova  Spain 2011 13′

FASE TERMINAL_09An illness changes humans into man-eating zombies. Attempts for a vaccine have failed, and people are panicking. Patients are kept in high-security psychiatric hospitals. A young boy follows his father in the clinic where his infected mother is kept, wishing to ask her a question… but no one knows what is the terminal phase of the disease.




Schrodinger’s Box  Britt Pitre  USA 2011 6′


Whether Schrodinger’s Cat is alive or dead, or both, depends on whether you observe the cat or not. But what happens when the cat is observing you?





Birdboy  Pedro Rivero  Spain 2010 13′

BIRDBOY_Frame05Life is good for Dinky, a little mouse that lives in a beautiful forest. A tragic industrial accident changes her life for ever, and only Birdboy stands by her. Based on the graphic novel “Psiconautas” by Alberto Vásquez.





La Muerte de Otilia Ruiz (The Death of Otilia Ruiz)  Ida Cuillar  Spain 2010 15′

Otilia Ruiz 47_1_foto_gOtilia Ruiz learns that her name carries an old curse, as it did for all the women in her family with that name. She learns that from a fortune teller -who is also a member of an underground organization that has given a whole new meaning to “life after death” -and she wants to help Otilia…





¿Por qué desaparecieron los dinosaurios? (Why did dinosaurs disappear?)  Esau Darma  Spain 2011 3′

Dinosaurios  frame 1

Imagine that a method is discovered to answer beyond any doubt each and every unanswered question of humanity. Could humans bear so many truths; Who, after all, were the Dinosaurs?




Godaizer  Hillary Yeo  Singapore 2011 19′

Godaizer postcard22



An elderly and his teenager grandson are the keepers of a series of decommissioned giant robots. But when a “kaitsu” monster escapes from an underground government prison, the youngster must prove that he bears the family name rightfully -and honor his father… in an Anime that looks back to the 1970’s.





Los Gusanos y las Moscas (The Worms and the Flies)  Jorge Lopez Navarrete  Spain / Cuba 2010 5′

Worms and Flies fotograma3

Food is ready, and the family sits for dinner: the daughter, the mother, and – after a very long time due to hard working habits- the father. He looks really tired, like dead… As mother says, “there is still time before the worms and the flies”.





Brutal Relax   Adrian Cardona  Spain 2011 15′

BrutalRelax Ftg02

You are recovering from a breakdown, and you are advised to take some vacations, go to a nice beach, relax and listen to nice music… But what will happen if the batteries run out? Especially if a new bunch has arrived at the beach, with different tastes and priorities…




DISC 2 : SFF-rated ATHENS 2013









GGG  Gilles Bindi  France 2012 3′

1.6 GGG Lena smoke

Year 2088. Elena lives in the United States of Europe. Every housing unit is controlled by a good-natured and supportive Artificial Intelligence. Food, shopping, all is done electronically. The creditworthiness of each citizen is evaluated every single moment. Utopia? Anything but.




Omega  Eva Franz & Andy Goralczyk  Germany 2012 19′

2.2 Omega 09

Copying the press release: “The directors wanted to create a work of art with intense atmosphere, combining powerful genres, like nature documentaries, animation, and science fiction”. And they succeeded spectacularly, we add.




Defining Fay  Sasha C. Damjanovski  United Kingdom 2012 10′ 

2.4 Defining Fay sc10 godfrey 2

A multinational corporation tests a new way to offer terminal comfort to desperate people. A by-product of the procedure is intense dreams. Visions. Lives. Love. How can one resist the feelings of the dying?



La Luz del Mundo (The Light of the World)  Fernando J. Martinez & Alfonso Garcia  Spain 2012 17′

3.2 La_Luz_de_Mundo_Fotograma_1

The Government, the Church… vultures of power that will do anything, even literally blind their subjects, to keep them under control… this is the conventional wisdom. So the directors decided to show us something different, in a short that synthesizes successfully comics and cinema.




Evergreen  Ifigeneia Kotsoni  Greece 2012 14′

4.3 EVERGREEN_pict 1

In a imaginary environment that is reminiscent of a primitive past, a lone woman-warrior tries to warn a tribe that Evil is coming. The men of the tribe refuse to listen to her and leave their village. Consequence: the film blasts into the future.




Shoot for the moon  Casandra Macias Gago  Spain 2011 10′

5.5 Shoot for the Moon_FF_Batch1-9

Huston, we got a problem… the cameraman is drunk and the actors are morons. The director is a nerve-wreck and his assistants are worthless. The space suits are for laughs, while the stage is a joke. How this space mission is supposed to succeed, when the set is such a mess?








 Alexis  Alberto Evangelio  Spain 2012 10′

6.5 Alexis correct ES12-4-A3B9_still3

Little Alexis is treated as a psychiatric patient, and as a murder suspect. But behind this reality is another, supernatural one. And behind it, a conspiracy. And behind it, a technological experiment of science fiction caliber. And behind it…




Second Wind  Sergey Tsyss  Russian Federation 2012 7′

6.6 Second Wind film frame (4)

In a deserted earth, where the atmosphere is almost completely destroyed, a man searches the ground looking for something… when he finds it he takes a scissors and starts to cut it carefully, trying to gain back the life that the disaster took away from him.




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